Services & Fees

Initial Consultation & Assessment

We  will gather information about your dog (nutrition, lifestyle, activity level, etc.) and we will perform several measurements. Based on your concerns and your dog's requirements we will create and explain you in detail an action plan that best fits your dog´s needs

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Post-Surgical Conditioning, Fitness & Conditioning 

After the initial assessment we work together with your veterinarian and/or surgeon to create a personalized program depending on your dog's requirements and condition.  Some of the therapeutic modalities included in the program are:

  • Exercise Therapy: Supervised exercises using conditioning equipment  are used to improve the range of motion of the joint and to build and strengthen specific group of muscles. 
  • Electric StimulationElectric stimulation prevents muscle atrophy, improves healing and build strength in patients with injuries. It is also helpful in keeping muscles active
  • Ultrasound: Ultrasound increases tissue relaxation, local blood flow, and scar tissue breakdown. 
  • Aquafitness & Hydootherapy: Swimming is a low impact exercise that enhances muscle building and will improve your dog's body condition.  
  • Massage Therapy: Massage therapy reduces discomfort from stiffness, inflammation & muscle spasm, reduces anxiety and stress, promotes blood and lymph circulation, and improves healing from surgery or injury.
$35.00 + HST / SESSION
 It includes any of the therapeutic modalities in the program.
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Massage Therapy

If you want your dog to receive all the benefits of a relaxing massage therapy session, book you appointment now.

$35.00 + HST / SESSION
By appointment only.  Book your appointment here

Pool Rental & Recreational Swimming

Our indoor pool is 22-ft x 12-ft x 52-in and has a ramp so you can walk your dog right into the pool.  Water is tested regularly to ensure safety for your dog.  Includes an area to towel dry or blow dry your dog (dryer included). We are open 365 days/year!

$25.00 + HST - Half hour:  2 people with maximum 3 dogs.
$40.00 + HST - One hour. 2 people with maximum 3 dogs. 
$10.00 + HST per extra dog.
By appointment only. Book your appointment here

Training Area Rental

4000 sqft indoor area with rubber mats to train your dog (s).  Fenced outdoor potty area.  Includes 12 simple jumps, 12 training marking cones, drinking water availability, lockers, poop bags and a table with chairs for trainers/dog owners.

5:00 PM to 8:00 PM

$25.00 + HST - Half hour:  2 people with maximum 3 dogs.
$40.00 + HST - One hour. 2 people with maximum 3 dogs. 
$10.00 + HST per extra dog.
By appointment only. Book your appointment here


Your dog will be constantly supervised with his/her playmates in the indoor training area. Depending

on weather conditions they will have a supervised outdoor playtime. Drinking fresh water will be supplied 

ad libitum.​ Live streaming is available during daycare hours so you will be able to see your dog online as

many times as you want.  Please contact us to  check spots available and to complete the registration

form and requirements. During the meet and greet appointment we will give you a guided tour of

the performance center, we will make sure you dog is up to date on medical requirements (health

and vaccines) and we will assess his/her behavior.

7:00 AM to 5:00 PM

$25.00 + HST - Full day  (10 hours)                                                           
$15.00 + HST - Half day (5 hours)

$8.00 + HST - Hourly rate

$10.00 + HST - Conditioning & Fitness Session*
$15.00 + HST - Recreational Swimming Session*

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* Prices for daycare clients only.