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Pool Rental & Recreational Swimming 

Pool Rental & Recreational Swimming

Our indoor pool is 22-ft x 12-ft x 52-in and has a ramp so you can walk your dog right into the pool.  Water is tested regularly to ensure safety for your dog.  Includes an area to towel dry or blow dry your dog (dryer included). We are open 365 days/year!

If you require Sector Woof's staff to go into the pool with your dog, please let us know ahead of time (at least 24 hours in advance).  This service will have an extra charge of $15 + HST.

$25.00 + HST - Half hour:  2 people with maximum 3 dogs.
$40.00 + HST - One hour. 2 people with maximum 3 dogs. 
$10.00 + HST per extra dog.
By appointment only. Book your appointment HERE