"Our goal is to help you by providing high quality and affordable services to improve your beloved dog's health and wellness"


Sector Woof is owned and operated by Mónica and Felipe.  Felipe, is a Certified Canine Fitness Trainer and Master Trainer. Mónica has a PhD from the University of Guelph and is currently a scientist at the Ontario Veterinary College.

Sector Woof is a specialized company focused on natural canine behavior. We offer fitness-based daycare, one-on-one training support, boarding, grooming and in-house dog food supply.

In order to ensure your dog’s safety and promote controlled socialization, we do not allow potential triggers of resource guarding such as toys, treats or food in the playroom.  We understand that dogs are naturally social & are at their best when allowed to focus in interacting and playing in our fully-supervised indoor & outdoor play areas.

We use treadmill-fitness training not only to keep our dogs fit, but also to mentally challenge them to promote structure, physical health as well as social skills. Exercise also improves physical function, mobility and controls body weight… to live a long and better life.

Sector Woof welcomes all sizes & ages of dogs and they are encouraged to be social and respect each other regardless of breed.
If your dog needs daycare, boarding, socialization, to burn off energy or just a spa day – connect with Sector Woof & get started by booking a behavioural assessment.  All you need to book your assessment is confirm your dog is updated on their vaccinations!