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"Our goal is to help you by providing high quality and affordable services to improve your beloved dog's health and wellness"


Sector Woof Canine Fitness & Wellness is a company specialized in canine fitness training and wellness services. Our main goal is to provide support for dogs that require physical exercise and fitness training while keeping them active, happy and safe.  Owned by Dr. Felipe Garcia, CCFT and Dr. Monica Baquero, MSc, PhD.  Our experience allow us to ensure the best professional support and supervision for dogs under our care. 

Nowadays obesity and lack of physical activity has become a growing issue in companion animals. It leads to a higher incidence of pathologies and a reduction of quality of life. In addition to health problems, dogs that are not active in a daily basis, might also show negative behavioural changes. It is well known, that staying active and mentally stimulated provide the required balance between mind and body.  Sector Woof Canine Fitness & Wellness gives professional guidance, advice and services to owners that, because of a lack of knowledge, time or space, are not able to fulfill their pet’s requirements.